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The Buck Stops Here

This is a little bit of a rant. It is about being a volunteer, and having everyone expect you to go above and beyond, all the time, for years on end. I had another wildlife rehabilitator say to me a while back “so you aren’t taking birds any more..” Er, hang on a minute honey – I’ll take anything into care (elephants, walruses, small raptorial birds) as long as they land on my doorstep. There is a big difference between quitting full stop, and setting boundaries that say “this is what I’ll take responsibility for, and no more.”

After 10+ years living on the poverty line, I decided to dedicate more time and resources to my survival and happiness. Something else had to go, and that something was driving all over creation to pick up injured raptors. I still spend a lot of hours being a volunteer: educating new people, maintaining and acquiring equipment and food, hauling birds back and forth to vets and occasionally picking up and rescuing locally. And yes, I’m still busting my butt to get busted raptors back to the wild. And it’s still a buzz. 🙂

Bottom line: if you are volunteering to take on a responsibility, you are the one who sets the boundaries. The buck stops here. And here’s a tangent – Big Buck Bunny is a really cool animated movie:

bunny admires butterfly

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  • What I like is when someone expresses an interest in volunteering and then asks how much you get paid to look after wildlife. It always makes me laugh. Volunteering is like giving blood: you give us much as you can without doing yourself harm. You can only spare so much blood.