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Raptors at Scitech Excursion Expo

We’ll be showing off our wares at the EE at Scitech on Monday nest week. Here are the offerings I’ve been cooking up:

  • Raptor-e-cursions: we’ll be there, but we wont go there…
  • Wild Watcher web beta testing re-launch
  • New newsletter – with free raptorial educational video
  • Live raptors and presentations by me at your school (but you knew about this one)

Some lucky doer who comes to the expo is going to win a free Raptor-e-cursion webinar registration for their class. The value of the prize is $110.

So I’ve been busy behind the scenes at R.Pres HQ cooking up ways to keep me busy and technologically challenged. I’ll get into more details on these in coming weeks. I know some of your country colleagues will be rapt when they hear about the web-based incursion type stuff.