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Raptor-e-cursions: remote school friendly

Yep, more new stuff! This is the Raptor Encounter you have in your classroom without actually having a raptor in the classroom. Huh? OK, it’s a webinar. Haven’t heard of those? Right – a webinar is a seminar you attend by sitting down at your computer and pointing your web browser at the presenter. And her raptors. For a class full of kids, you plug in the class data projector, turn up your speakers and hey-presto! they’ve got us talking to them up on the wall. Advantages of a Raptor-e-cursion are

  • you pay less to see the raptors (since it costs me less to run them),
  • you actually CAN get to see the raptors, even if you are a long way from Perth,
  • I spend less time driving and the raptors get more snoozing in the sun time. 😉

It may not be as good as the real thing, but if you are on a budget or at a remote school, this may be a fantastic option for you. I’m currently testing out the software and putting together the online version of what I do when I am in the classroom. If you are interested in being one of my first classes, please get in touch.