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Wild Watcher launch

I’ve got an online theme happening this year. I am starting to run webinars (more on that later) and I will have my first intake of Wild Watcher students in Term 1. The web site is a “project space” with a Western Australian wildlife and nature exploration theme. It is a place for students to come together to share their own “finds” and see what sorts of animals live near them. It is also a space for teachers to create and share project ideas. A lot of our sightings will come from the Perth metro area, highlighting the importance of urban habitat conservation.

Teachers will find a range of predefined projects to choose from, and to set as class activities or homework. As a value-add, students can pick and do as many additional projects as they want to, and teachers can create their own project ideas. Wild Watcher is a great tool to use if you are trying to transition indoor tech kids to a “children in nature” and “nature play” paradigm. It uses social media to stimulate enquiry and exploration of the outdoor natural spaces that are immediately accessible. Self directed activities and friendly competition are encouraged. Teachers can play too – can you get as many ‘sightings’ as your students?

Opening days:

Wild Watcher will be open for you to tour and play on for 10 days, from Wednesday April 4th to Friday April 13th. It’s like the big opening ceremony gig. I’ll be inviting some interesting guests to add content, and I’m sure we will have some interesting sightings on that last Friday!

Teacher PD / tour:
Not an official one, unfortunately! Only 15 minutes, though. This will be a live online guided tour of Wild Watcher and how the Project Space can be used. If you join the webinar live, you’ll be able to ask me questions and get me to show you how stuff works. If you can’t come at the right time, I will be putting up a recording of the tour you can watch any time you like.

If after attending these you’d like to sign your class or school up for the year, 2012 is going to be free. To qualify to join, you will need to commit to use the Project Space for one class project during the year. Next year there will be a small fee (like, $10) so that I recover running costs for the site. If you book a raptor encounter, a Wild Watcher membership will be included. 😉

To get details as they are finalised, subscribe to my newsletter or give me a call or e-mail. Fun times ahead!