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Raptors for remote areas


I’ve mentioned it before, but thought I’d fill you in on some more details. For me, 2012 is going to be the year of starting to do webinars and adult training courses. What this means for remote school kids is that they’ll be able to get me “in” to show them my birds and share cool stuff about raptors.


looking at a webinar

Lots of people don’t know what a webinar is yet, but if you have used the internet it is pretty easy to explain. A webinar is a web page you go to at a particular time, like going to a seminar or phone conference. The page you look at can be changed during this virtual meeting by the person running the webinar. This means they can show you stuff in a structured way, just like seeing a slide show or Powerpoint presentation in person.

The webinar ‘show’ can include sound, live voice from microphones, pictures, slides, video and webcam. The cool thing about a webinar is that it can be set to work both ways. The presenter can turn on your mic so you can ask a question all the viewers can hear, you can ask questions privately by typing them or everyone can doodle ideas on a virtual whiteboard with their mouses. Pretty cool stuff, really.

Many remote (as well as not-an-easy-drive-from-Perth) schools have a fast internet connected computer hooked up to a projector in their classroom. That’s all you’ll need for me and the birds to “visit”! I’m enjoying the learning curve in getting familiar with the software I’ll be using. I’m also running around gathering video and pictures to share during presentations. If you have any questions, click the button to raise your hand. No wait – this isn’t a webinar – you can phone or e-mail. 🙂