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Reflections and plans

Looking back at the last 10 or so years, not much has changed in the way I’ve been working. I have spent time training birds and presenting them to the world. I feel I have achieved good results in my work to help educate and encourage empathy and conservation. But I haven’t done a great job as a business owner or a bird trainer. I find there isn’t enough motivation or time to go around! 🙂

Looking back at 2014, I can see my efforts to change my perspective and learn more about business have been successful. But my health really made 2014 into a bit of a train wreck! First Meniere’s Disease (bouts of random, severe vertigo). I had to get past thinking that this occasional disability meant the  end of my working career. I did that just in time for a run-in with bacterial meningitis, which is one of those things that has a rather nastily high chance of killing you.

The flowers worked. I got better.. ;-)

The flowers worked. I got better.. 😉

I was incredibly fortunate in 2014. I consider my illnesses and recoveries gifts of awareness. In sum:

  • things could be a lot worse!
  • get on with it, you don’t have forever to earn for retirement!
  • enjoy life whenever you can!

The big change I see for 2015 is a business that runs when I need to step away from it (to have vertigo, learn stuff at a conference or have a holiday). That means I’ll have the privilege of training and working with volunteers and new staff. I will do something I enjoy immensely: teach and train people.

If you know of any aspiring raptor keepers / educators or virtual assistants who love to chat with potential clients on the phone, please send them my way. I’ll be hiring very soon!

And a big, happy, prosperous New Year to you all!