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Marra Apgar
ph: 0403 164 748
ABN: 41 202 286 336

About Marra

After more than 14 years in the conservation education business, I have closed down Raptor Presentations.

I was a specialist nature educator and wildlife rehabilitator for over 14 years. My background includes a life long interest in wild animals and conservation, a Degree in Biology from Murdoch U. and lots of learning and practice in the areas of training and presenting. I have been a member of several professional organisations in these areas.

I am still running my home based raptor hospital under the banner of the Society for the Preservation of Raptors Inc. This work is voluntary.  Raptor Presentations was my business. I was successful in reaching out to thousands of people across the Perth metro area and surrounds to share my passion and knowledge of our native raptorial birds.

My life journey to this point includes moving countries / states four times before the age of five, rescuing my first bird age 6, being the shyest kid in high school, getting a license to keep non-releasable (disabled) raptors to use for education and starting my business at age 28. At 42, I am ready for a career change, though sad to see Raptor Presentations go.

My birds still live here at my home along with my three lovely Muscovy Ducks, a German Shepherd Dog and one man. 😉 My facilities are off limits to the public since everyone but the dog dislikes strangers wandering around our backyard!

– Marra

Marra with Ellee